and she’s back


The morning began with coffee, as all good mornings should.


Then I packed a super healthy lunch for myself.
(sad side bar: it didn’t stay cold, even with the ice pack soooo I didn’t eat my tasty sandwich)


I had the difficult decision of scarf, or no scarf. I followed my personal rule of:
when in doubt, add more. Obviously, I went with the scarf.


Here I am, all weighed down with books for learning and noms for munching. Or not, in my case.


All day there were voices in my head saying stuff like:
oh land. you’re at school.
you’re back at school.
I had to reminded the voices that I was trying to focus on you know, learning.
They were really distracting.


More coffee at Kaldis was a must.


 I worked on homework and a sunburn until time to go to work.


It was pretty normal and work like. I made some killer cinnamon rolls. I know cuz I ate one.


Before heading back to class, I made a butter and strawberry jelly sandwich. Delicious.


These guys are always playing frisbee. It’s so classically Maryville.


As usual, driving to meet up with Miss Robyn made me really happy.


We ended the day with a Taco Bell picnic.

It was a stellar first day back to school. I’m ridiculously grateful to be back. Everything is ten times awesomer.
Homework is almost magical. I’m a nerd. I know.


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One Response to and she’s back

  1. Audrey Ann says:

    Yay! I’m happy for you, babe. 🙂

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