Screen shots are my new favorite thing. Lately I have been documenting everything I do on the computer with them. While working on my typography poster this week, I took shots of the progress. I really like looking back and seeing my design evolve.

My new motto is this: Kill your darlings. If it is precious, run. begin. begin again.

I tend to fall in love with a design, and then treat it so carefully that I forget there is a whole other world of possibilities. I’m going to try my hardest this year to push, pull, stretch, ruin, destroy! and kill everything I start treating with the gentle hand of an artist. I will be a designer, dangit.

In my heart, I hate the coldness of design. I long for feeling over reason, emotion not logic. But I’m here, this is who I’m trying to be. So I will be a designer. Later, when all my fairy tale dreams come true, I’ll let loose and make so many beautiful things that have no purpose, no agenda… they will just be so lovely. Or ugly. Regardless they’ll have feeling, my feelings.

Anyways enough blethering. Here are my posters.

Caitlin aka future designer who is struggling to appreciate typography. (confession: I kind of hate it.)

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