and then I’m going to rule the world.


I had a great review yesterday. As usual I was nervous but all went well. Even my websites that I was so worried about were a success. I’m so glad I’m at Maryville. The faculty and staff are so kind and thoughtful and ready to help. While I’m excited for graduation and life after this, I’m going to be so sad to say goodbye to these people. It’s my home and I know I’m growing here. I had a heart to heart with the head of graphics last week about how I’m trying to walk the line between graphic design and studio art. I love how I’m being so supported on my way to real grownup life. Whaaaa. So much ahead. image

Much as I don’t want college to end just yet, I’m still super glad to be finished with this semester. As you can see from my super happy face above.

I just folding a pile of clean clothes that has been sitting in my room for over a week. Hello being productive in everyday stuff like dishes, laundry and cleaning bathrooms.


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