hey look mom! I finished my food.




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Last week Andrew and I went out with my freshman year roommate and forever greys lovin’ bestie of all time and her hubbster. It was the greatest of fun. We were supposed to go and see the Monet exhibit at the Art Museum, however we got to talking over gilled apple and cheese sandwiches and house made root beer and missed it. I’d say having friends that are good enough to make you forget art exhibits are the best kind to have. Sorry Monet, I’ll come see you another day. Cross my heart.

Something extraordinary happened at dinner. I actually finished my entier ice-cream sunday. I even scrapped up the melting parts at the bottom. And. I finished before Andrew. it. was. out. of. this. world. If you know me, you know I never, ever finish all my food. And especially not my ice cream. And never before Andrew. So toady was truly a milestone in the life of me. I’m sure that the fact that the sunday I ordered was called the worlds smallest sunday has nothing todo with the fact that I finished it all in record time. That’s completely irrelevant. I’m just growing up, thats all.

Sooooo…. now I’m off to work. I get off at noon then I’ll be wrapping giftis and packing like crazy until Andrew gets in from work and we can start the trek to Kokomo! Operation Christmas…. begin! Be prepared for an over load of pictures from home. I haven’t been there since May and I’m pretty sure I’ll take a million.

Merry Christmas eve, eve.


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