fifty second photoshoot.

Kirsten and I have a tradition of always taking pictures together at Christmas time, or really anytime we’re together. Since our time was so crunched this year, we  set up an elaborate scene like we usually do, but we did run out into the cold for a couple shots. We had trouble holding still because were freezing so they are a little fuzzy.

Isn’t Stryder just the sweetest puppy ever? I’m going to miss the old man when he’s gone. Poor guy is nearly blind and isn’t very nimble anymore. But he still loves and good treat and he’s still pretty playful. He and Andrew were instant friends, which is quite impressive. Stryder doesn’t usually like new comers. Watching Andrew romp about with Stryder made me want a puppy of our own like crazy. Someday… someday soon.


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One Response to fifty second photoshoot.

  1. Diana says:

    Enjoyed seeing the pictures. Yes, we will all miss Stryder…even me!!

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