So big news in the life of Caitie: when my current lease is up, I’ll be living in my very own apartment by myself. I’m so thrilled I can hardly sleep at night. I’m planning every single detail of my new space from wall colors and new dishes to the wreath I want to my door. Three and a half more months. Oh my lanta!

Since I moved out of my parents house in 2007 I’ve lived lots of places. I’ve have had four addresses in the past five years and lived everywhere from my sisters house with her family, to a college dorm, to various apartments with multiple friends. It’s been good, I’ve learned a lot and spent many moments enjoying the company of my family and friends. There have been good times and bad. And I’m so glad for the experiences.

But. It’s time for my own space. My very own little piece of the world to call mine. No roommates. No sharing. Eps! This is so exciting and scary and sad and awesome all at once. Mostly ridiculously exciting. Know what I’m gonna do? I’m going to take a forty minute shower because I don’t have to save any hot water. I’m only ever going to clean up my messes. I’m going to paint my walls. I’m going to decorate to my every silly and perhaps obnoxious whim. I’m going to dominate a space and not be one bit concerned for the preferences of others.

Now, least you think I’m a self-centered badword please know that I’ve loved my roommates dearly. But, I’m ready for change and I’m embracing this new adventure with over the top enthusiasm. So be excited for me, m’kay?

So want to see what I’m dreaming about?


Bow Garland:  I want to make one of these to hang over the window in my kitchen, my table will be right under it.

Yellow Kitchen: I love this yellow color. I want to paint one wall in the kitchen bright yellow. I’m also a little in love with the word eat on the wall. Sometimes I need a reminder.

Side note: I’m learning about myself in this experience, for one: I didn’t know I liked yellow so much. In fact if you would have asked me if I liked yellow I probably would have said no. Fact, I love yellow.


Mix-matched: I plates and bowls, I’m currently using my roommates and don’t have but a few odds and ends of my own. My plan is to thrift coordinating pieces and put together a mix-matched set. (second image) I love how whimsical different patterns are together.


Grey Walls: I’m going to paint the living room gray. I think it’ll look pretty spiffy with the yellow in the kitchen. I might even accent the living room in yellows and some red. Perhaps even a chalk board wall. (second image)


Yes, I for sure need a chalkboard wall, or two. : )

It’s going to be the most magical 450 square feet you’ve ever seen. I’m making big plans for blanket forts and twinkle lights in the bedroom. I’ll show you some of my dreams soon. Oh man. Oh man. I can hardly wait. Three and a half more months. Eps!


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3 Responses to nesting.

  1. Diana says:

    Just reading your blog this a.m. had added the brightest note ever to the beginning of my week!! I’m very happy for you, sweetheart!! Sounds like you decided on the one apartment that you told me about earlier, right? I’d like to get something special as a gift for your new place, any ideas? I love all of your decor ideas, they are fabulous!!

  2. Pam says:

    Oh goodness, when you’re done with your apartment, you can come decorate my house! This is the style I love, but I never know what label to put on it when telling everyone else. Suggestions?

  3. Caitlin says:

    I’m glad you guys like it! I hope my apartment is close to this awesome. 🙂 Mom, I’ll let you know what a good gift would be. Pam, I’m not sure what to call this style, whimsical? Indie? Or my personal favorite whatever-the-heck-I-like. ; )

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