blanket fort and twinkle lights

Know what I want? I want to build a blanket fort with twinkle lights. I want to curl up and watch movies all day, drink hot chocolate and snuggle with my boy. I want to eat popcorn and read comics. I want to forget everything and just be.

I don’t wanna start school tomorrow. I don’t wanna go to work today. I want to wear fuzzy socks and not worry about grades. Eat goldfish crackers and make potato soup.


Sometimes I throw tantrums, it’s a thing I do. This is one of them.


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2 Responses to blanket fort and twinkle lights

  1. Dad says:

    An idea…not original….something I read this year….look ahead once you get the syllabi for the semester….get out your calendar and find small moments of time when you can actually write on your calendar a time to eat those goldfish crackers and sip some hot chocolate. Write down a few times when you can ‘shut off’ the brain about GPA’s, project deadlines,etc….then when the going gets tough….you’ll be able to see when you can lay it all aside for at least a bit of time, short though it be. It will be better than not having any down time. Just something that I read that I hope to implement into my own life this year. I know you are going to do well!!!
    Love, Hugs, and Prayers,

  2. Mom says:

    Not sure how that happened….somehow that last comment was on your dad’s Face Book. Oh well…we do both use the same computer and I certainly don’t always understand all that goes on here. That comment was from your mom, not your dad.

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