Can we talk about grey for a moment?

Recently I’ve developed quite the obsession with it. I go thru phases of loving a neutral color. It was beige and now it’s grey.
Seriously, what doesn’t go with grey? And how about all those different shades and tones of grey? Yeah, how about them? Sweet right? I’m currently living in my grey skinny jeans and I’m not ashamed. They are comfy and go with basically everything in my closet.

Can we also talk about how much I miss my chucks? I have a sad sob story about how I lost them. If I told you, you’d probably cry so I’ll save you the tears. (inset dramatic sniff here) Anyone who wants to donate to the help-caitie-buy-new-chucks fund can send me cash dollars or giftcards to Journeys. ; ) Just throwing that out there.

Whats your current obsession?




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