love note.

Dear Robyn,

Hey there friend. Know what I love?

Visiting your apartment, Starbucks on Sunday mornings, hikes at Creve Couer, terrible girly movies and snuggling on the Comstock couch. Of course, I love all these things because they include you. You are one of my favorites and I hope our schedules continue this trend of allowing us to see each other.

I’ve been thinking about the future and husbands and babies (well, hopefully only one husband) and I got all excited for this next phase of life, instead of hanging out in our dorm room, or at each others apartment, we will be having each other over for dinner at our houses. Our husbands will go be all nerdy and talk about boy stuff while we giggle about girl stuff. And then we will have/get babies! Of course, I’ll have to get a husband and we’ll have to buy houses, but the point is; I’m glad we’re friends and I’m excited for the future and being friends then too. I’m so glad you were my college roommate.

You make life ten times more colorful and entertaining. You motivate me to work harder academically (read: you make me jealous of your smarts), to workout and eat better (read: you got me to eat spinach) and to be kinder. Your laugh instantly makes me happy. <—– best ever.

Also, we must make taking pictures together a priority, I couldn’t find any resent ones.

I loves you friend!




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One Response to love note.

  1. Mom says:

    What a special love note for a good friend. You girls are special!!

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