So today in my packaging class we spent a lot of time online looking for inspiration. I came across this lid in my adventures through the interwebs. I’m so in love. It’s not a big secret that I love mason jars. At first I thought it was just a concept design, but you can actually buy it. Bought! I cannot wait to drink out of this, I’m going to make a precious little cozy cup sleeve for it.  If you go here you can watch a video. Gah. Magic. And it’s BPA free and totes recyclable.


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2 Responses to cuppow

  1. That is pretty interesting. I wonder thought how widespread canning jars are. But for those of us seeking ways to live that leave less of a trace, this is a great idea. And hay, we may have the canning jars already too. They’re also great for drinking cold sweet tea!

  2. Mom says:

    I want one!! Love, Mom

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