day 3: hands


This is what printmaking and the winter does to my hands. I doubt I ever have pretty hands. I like todo too many things that make my finger nails grubby. I’m like a five year old with all the messes I make. : )

When I was a teen I read this book that said if I was going to be a good Christian I had to have pretty hands because I would be helping others with them. Obviously my hands should look nice, because obviously when other people saw my perfectly manicured hands they would instantly think of Jesus. (um, okay sure)
It was one of those awful, “how to be a christen girl” books that made me feel like a terrible person, because I could never attain the perfection it was demanding.

Rubbish. Balderdash.

I just randomly remembered that. Do you ever remember something from your past and get all fired up, even tho isn’t not really relevant anymore?




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2 Responses to day 3: hands

  1. Mom says:

    Our hands do say a lot about us…however, work worn hands many times say we love what we do and work hard at it. You as an artist will always (most likely) have paint on your fingernails, a mother usually has bits of desitin or baby boogers in her nails, a gardener will have dirt in his/her nails, an airplane mechanic – lots and lots of grease, on and on it goes….. We should clean our nails and hands so as to not be offensive, but the stains left behind only show what we love to do. Even Jesus had blood stained hands for us…..
    I heard the same ‘talk’ when in college that you read in the book. BTW, What book was that, anyway? I took our speaker to mean that we should try to keep our hands presentable, but she wasn’t saying we should not be who we are or do things with our hands that might get them stained. I’ve never understood the finely manicured lady with the large, long nails….how does she ever get down and scrub her kitchen floor?!!
    Keep loving your art. God made you to love it and to use it for His glory. Hugs, MOMMA

  2. Dad says:

    Jesus has hands that prove He loves us.

    Beautiful hands are beautiful because of what they have done.

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