So I’ve been feeling conflicted in basically every area of my life recently. Its not my favorite feeling in the world, especially since I obsess over every decision and doubt myself countless times before making a final choice. It’s a problem. I make decisions kind of like Rapunzel does in Tangled. We are pretty much the same person.

So since I have been having such a hard time making up my mind I designed a pro/con journal page to help me. I saw a journal with pages kind of like this at Art Mart a few weeks ago. Ever since I’ve been thinking about it all the stinking time. So I made my own. (on a side note. I’ve started doing this thing where before buying something I ask myself if I could make it. If the answer is yes I don’t buy it. This is good for my bank account, but bad for my growing list of projects. I’ll never be able to make all the things I want.)

Pretty sweet, eh?

I’ll be back tomorrow and catch up on the February photo challenge.



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2 Responses to ambivalent

  1. Mom says:

    I remember being introduced to the word ambivalence by my beloved prof Dr. Garsee. It was his favorite word, he said. Then he made sure we all knew the verses in
    James 1: 5 – 8. Decisions are difficult. Second guessing ourselves is not good. You usually know the best decision in the first place. I find that when I second guess it is because I wanted the answer to my decision to be different than it should be. Never go against that ‘gut feeling’, that God led spirit within that gives the direction and guidance that we all need. God will not/does not leave us wondering. He supplies just the right answer at the right time. His time. Love, MOM

  2. Mom says:

    P.S. I really like your pro/com journal pages!!

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