You know that feeling you get when you are about to explode? That mad urge to fly away to adventures you just know are awaiting? I’ve got a bad case of it.

I want to get lost in the big city, wander around beneath tall building and blend into a sea of unfamiliar faces. I want to pack a suitcase and drive wherever the road leads… probably in the direction of tall buildings and a certain bean. Of couse sandy beaches or rolling fields wouldn’t be half bad either.

If I could I would, I would run away. I’d run run run away.

Someday. Soon.



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One Response to runaway

  1. Momma Di says:

    Hmm, tall buildings, the Bean, rolling fields, sandy beaches…I’m thinking Chicago, Cocoa Beach, Florida or Ohio…..all sound interesting even though they all offer so many different varieties of life. Life changes are coming quickly. Excitement can’t help but be building. Just don’t run without a purpose and a plan from the Planner. For that is the best way to run!! Love, Momma…..

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