be yourself

I think I love art so much because when I start a project I never know what the end result is going to be. It’s like this huge surprise, the anticipation builds and builds the longer I’m working on it until I step back and see what I made. It’s pretty magical.

Time to start a new project, I think I’m going to breakout my oil pastels.




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5 Responses to be yourself

  1. thegingerdarling says:

    Seriously, I love your art. I would pay large dollars in order to hang that in my house. It just has so much to say. And also, the colors. 🙂
    I want to scream I love it so much. xo.

  2. Momma Di says:

    Once a mother, always a mother…as I scrolled through the photos….I saw the glass of water color water….my first thought, “Oh, that might spill!!” “Where is the plastic drop cloth?!!” Then I came to the last picture….It says so much! Your art, your talent…all God given. You are blessed!!

  3. Pam says:

    I LOVE it, Caitie! Thank you so much for sharing! You have accomplished so much over this last year. Are you proud of yourself? You should be! God has gifted you with an amazing talent!

  4. Caitlin says:

    Thanks, you guys! 🙂

  5. teddi says:

    caitlin, i enjoy looking at your artwork. will ya send me the link, when you play & photograph the pastels project? pretty please?

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