raise your glass

I’ve been designing some posters for my apartment. I think this one need to go above my desk. I can be a nerd sometimes. Kind of like now, with how much I miss school. Deadlines and projects, the smell of epson ink… yeah, I miss it.



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3 Responses to raise your glass

  1. thegingerdarling says:

    Gah! I love that song. Genius.

  2. I love this! The print is too cute, and I miss school all the time. I’ve been out six years, so- you know.

  3. Momma Di says:

    I like the poster!! School, yes, I still miss school and it has been 38 years since I graduated from college. I keep saying that ‘some day’ I’m going back. There’s always hope…I’ve heard of 80+ yr. olds getting their B.A. Ha-Ha!! You keep studying, learning….you’ll go far….reach for the stars.

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