ever present

I am goal oriented. I make lists. I plan things. I love to dream about the future. I’m always working towards some end result. I like this about myself, I’m proud of the things I’ve worked hard for and seen come to life.
But, over the past four years of college, I’ve been burning myself out. Stressing over things I have no control. Missing out on special moments, because I was so focused on some future plan. For a while I stopped looking at the clouds. I didn’t drive with my windows down. I stopped taking photos. I didn’t play in the rain. I lost the magic.

And lets be honest. Life is about magic. It’s about everything falling apart and you realizing there was something so much better than your plan. It’s about getting stuck in traffic, and just relaxing. Being glad for the sunshine and the radio. It’s about friends who push you to be better. It’s about letting go.

So here I am. Trying to recapture that magic in my life. Being glad for right now. This moment. Being ever present. Finding a balance between planning, making lists and decisions, and being still, soaking up every single little moment I have now.

Here’s to being aware.

Here’s to Missy, our friendship and new tattoos that will remind us to be here now, ever present.




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One Response to ever present

  1. teddi says:

    here’s to your great writing, & fabulous photos! i’m serious.

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