creative DNA

This book. It’s so good. I had to buy it for a school a few semesters ago, and while I really enjoyed reading it, there was no way I had time to read unassigned material so it was shelved after only a few uses in class. I recently started reading it again. And I am soaking it up. Sometimes I feel as though the author has been spying on my life and is lecturing me on how to be more purposeful, to work harder and to stop whining. Other times I feel like she’s giving me a gentle push forward while telling me I’m capable and brilliant. I recommend it for anyone perusing a creative lifestyle. The applications are endless.

At the end of each chapter there are exercises, and thoughtful questions. One chapter, titled Creative DNA has a list of thirty three prompts that help you write your creative autobiography. I’m going to use them as prompts for blog posts. This exercise is especially relevant to me because I’m on the brink of graduation and questioning my future and trying hard to make carear choices that will be the most fulfilling. To do that I need to think about who I am as a artist, how I got here, and where I want that to lead me.

Want to follow along? Get a journal and answer the questions with me. I’ve broken them into thirteen parts, I’ll post the first set on Monday.

no matter your passion or life carear, you are creative. all of you.



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5 Responses to creative DNA

  1. thegingerdarling says:

    I love this more than I know how to say. I believe this shall go on my reading list. amen. 😉

  2. Momma Di says:

    Hmmm, sounds like something I’d enjoy reading. I’d like to follow along with the journaling….hope I’m better at writing a journal than I’ve been on the art journal. I want so badly to do these things, but perhaps I’ll have to wait until I’m old and in the nursing home. Of course, By then I’ll shake too badly to hold a pen to write or smear the glue stick on my paper. Now I know I need to read this book to help me see that perhaps I really can accomplish my journaling goals.

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