one part nanny/one part intern

This was my day yesterday, minus all the hours after four… my arms got tired of holding the camera and I was too busy sitting in trafic, eating baked potatoes with my friend Robyn, watching The Big Bang Theory and having fights with her precious bull dog, Cleo, over personal space issues. Shew. That was a long sentence. Forgive my lack of attention to proper writing.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are split between my normal job, and my internship. And can we talk about my job for a moment? I’m not actually a nanny anymore, but personal assistant or household manager sounds dumb, unless it’s on a resume, then it looks a little cooler. I started as a nanny, but then the boys grew up, and since they are driving, shaving and way taller than me now, saying I’m the nanny sounds like a joke. Now I basically run the house and do whatever needs to be done. It’s pretty great.

Know what else is great? My internship. I’m going to over load you soon with pictures and details of my afternoons spent at Paper Boat Studio. It’s the happiest part of my summer.


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One Response to one part nanny/one part intern

  1. Pam says:

    Love your life in pics. I think would be a good exercise in gratitude and being present to take snapshots of my day…I bet I could find more than dishes and laundry to photograph if I tried for 3.2 seconds! 🙂

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