Today was good. I got to help out at a letterpress workshop for some high school students. The workshop was held at Washinton University’s book studio. I’m so in love. Head over heals, over the moon… swoon. Is it weird to swoon over a studio? Is it weird that today I was counting the days until school starts in the fall? Would it be weird for me to get a second undergrad degree? Gosh. If I ever meet a boy who makes my heart beat like this, I’ll marry him on the spot. Until then, you know where to find me.

Now I’m enjoying the type sample book I got in the mail from House Industries and drinking a yogurt peach smoothie. Perfection? I think yes. Peaches and typography. This girl is the happiest.



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One Response to swoon

  1. Momma Di says:

    You aren’t weird for enjoying the dreams that are coming true in your life. God placed those dreams within you. Use them to His glory…. My day is brightened by reading this blog and knowing that you are so happy!!!

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