creative autobiography (part three)

In the graphics lab, where I spent nine hours every thursday and friday last semester, working on publication and typography. (photo by Jessie Flori) 

What is your creative ambition?
I have two. The first is for my art to support and sustain me financially. Someday I hope to work for myself, own a business or freelance. Maybe it won’t be a magical as I’m dreaming, but in my head it’s pure exhilaration. The second is to never stop, growing, changing, and learning. To always be the student, seeking out classrooms, and allowing the world to teach me.

What are the obstacles to this ambition?
The first is pretty obvious. The starving artist joke isn’t a joke. Reality is I’ll probably have to do some mundane tasks on the side, work on projects I’m not completely excited about or swallow my pride and keep nannying for a while. For my second one, well it’s just going to be very easy for me to think that since I’m not in school anymore that I’ve arrived. The thought of getting a diploma is heady. And then life just gets busy, I might forget or easily push aside night classes or extended learning seminars.

What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?
Marketing myself. Doing work for free so my name gets out there. Pushing past the self doubt and the lonely days when I think everything I’ve made or will make sucks. I need to just create, all the time, work dumb jobs that pay the electric so I can just make things. I also need to keep growing. This ties into the second ambition, I need to always be learning. And remember that the world is my classroom. I need to go dancing, visit new places, talk to strangers, spend hours at the library and museums. Soak up media, learn about politics, surround myself with people whos opinions differ from mine. And never leave the house without my camera and sketch book.

These are my answers to the prompts for writing your creative autobiography,
from the book by Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit. 

part one // part two


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One Response to creative autobiography (part three)

  1. Momma Di says:

    I’m so enjoying these posts….you truly are my ‘ever student daughter’….Hugs, MOM

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