Here’s an overload of pictures from last weekend. There were lots of pretty welcome home posters made by our favorite littles. I forgot to get a picture of the posters tacked above my bed. It made me so happy. I love the art made by little people. 

Brunch at my parents house is always an adventure. We talk loudly, eat lots and sit around the table way after everyone is done eating. I’m pretty sure thats the mark of a good family. Wouldn’t you say?

Mary and Hector showed off their taekwondo and karate ninja skills. They had some pretty sweet moves, I’m seriously jealous of all the things they can do with their bodies. I would probably fall on my face. 

We also got to meet up with some old friends. These are the girls that left us sweet welcome home messages. There are some people in life that no matter how long you go between visits, they will always be the dearest truest friends. These are the ones. ❤





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3 Responses to home

  1. Pam says:

    Oh my goodness, you made me a little teary at those last comments. Thanks for loving us and our girls. We’re so happy we were able to meet up with you for (too short) a while.

    And I LOVE the picture of your mama and daddy. On my google reader, the pics show up as at least 5X7s and I think it’s definitely framable! 🙂

  2. Momma Di says:

    Grandma said to tell you that you did such a good job on the cake. She said to tell you that all of your pictures were beautiful. Signed the secretary….

  3. Momma Di says:

    What sweet memories these pictures brought back to my mind. That was one weekend that I think I’ll remember forever and ever. You made it so extra special!!!

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