first things first.

This isn’t my first blog post, but I like new things, starting fresh and marking goals. This year one of my biggest goals is to blog constantly. My hope is that I will start taking my camera more places, and take better photos. This will be a place for me to stay accountable to goals and challenges I’ve committed to.
twenty four meals
I’ve committed to cooking at home, at least twice a week. AND to try new meals twice monthly, so at the end of the year I’ll have made 24 new recipes. I want to find healthy, cheeper options that aren’t a chore to eat. I’ll be sharing my progress and recipes here. Hopefully they will be both delicious and healthy.
collaborate with Kirsten>> COLLABORATE WITH KIRSTEN
I don’t know what yet, but this year I really want to create something with my sister. I can hardly contain my excitement, knowing she will be soon living not only in the same state as me, but the same town! She inspires me to no end, and I cannot wait to start a project with her. (maybe a book?)
quality time with the littles>> SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH THE LITTLES
Being an aunt is my favorite. Since I’ve been in school I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I’d like with these tiny humans. I’m going to plan all sorts of special dates and sleepovers this year. Sometimes I just ache with how much I love them. (read: baby fever)

photograph apartment>> PHOTOGRAPH MY APARTMENT
This year I feel like I  found a home. Since 2007 I’ve lived with multiple roommates in various apartments, family members, and dorms. I’ve had so many crazy adventures in the different places I’ve lived (read: four people in a one bedroom), but I’m so glad for this quiet place that truly is home. This year I want to focus on decorating and making it completely functional, I’ll be documenting my progress in photos here.

Hopefully these goals will not only make this year richer, but will inspire content for the blog. So excited for this year.

so. many. new. things. about. to. happen.

xo. Caitlin
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One Response to first things first.

  1. Momma Di says:

    Excited with you…..excited for you…..

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