Capstone: Steenz

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I’m putting the final touches on my Capstone project, and getting ready to present. (yikes) So I thought I’d share some of my favorite images from each book. Here’s Steenz, I love her book the most. Not that I should have one favorite… (does that make me a bad design parent, not loving all my work equally?)
Wish me luck as I design my keynote and practice my speech in the mirror (and gasp for breath into a paper bag).
xo Caitlin
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4 Responses to Capstone: Steenz

  1. Diana Metz says:

    Hi Sweetie, Read your blog and enjoyed the pictures. Just realized how much you and Steenz look alike…those lovely large smiles and big, beautiiful eyes…could be sisters!! I’ll claim her, too….just like all the rest of your friends. Feel free to bring her home for a visit some time. When do you present? I’ll pray that it all goes well. You have given so much, worked so hard…so proud of the products of your efforts. Much love, Momma


  2. Pam says:

    LOVE! Thanks for sharing your hard work. Hope I get to see it in person some day!

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