blank white pages

I bought a set of Moleskine journals in hopes of chasing away the winter blues. I spent the morning curled up in my favorite spot by the window breaking my thoughts into categories and trying to be still.  blogthankfulfuture
There is something special about blank pages, smooth white pages have a way of clearing up confusing. Here’s to sorting out the future, making plans and sticking to goals. Here’s to comfy chairs, warm breezes from outside the window and records on the turn table. DSC_0731DSC_0733DSC_0732 Here’s to chasing away the blues. And to searching for new apartments. I might have found one in the loop with hardwood floors. epp! x0. Caitlin
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One Response to blank white pages

  1. Momma Di says:

    I really like your new journals. Agreed that there is something calming about clear blank pages upon which to place your thoughts. That is why I’m enjoying the Thankful journal you made for me for Christmas!!

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