fail by default

fear failure

You know that overwhelming rush of creativity, the kind that hits you full in the face, washes over you in heart pounding, mind racing, color dancing intensity? It fills you up and just when you think you’re going to burst from the endless possibilities, you hit a wall. The wall. And just like that the ideas splatter to the ground, and fade into the cloud of doubt.

Self doubt is the darkest of all demons.

Before an idea can be fully conceptualized, you imagine all the possible problems and then do nothing for fear of failure. So, you fail by default.

Today I’m climbing over that wall.

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2 Responses to fail by default

  1. Momma Di says:

    You can do it….

  2. Linn says:

    Oh, I know that feeling. But we can climb the wall. Or break it. Or walk around it. Or find another direction.

    You can do it.

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