hurts like heaven

rainy monday rainy monday rainy mondayYou know those delightfully dreary days, the ones that wrap you in a melancholy hug, hold you tight, let you know it’s okay to feel a little blue? The rainy clouds filtering the sun to a quiet glow. The grass getting greener, the colors of the world both muted and saturated. The birds calling and the rain falling, together making a beautiful song.

It’s a second cup of tea, curl up by an open window, listen to Coldplay kind of morning.

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2 Responses to hurts like heaven

  1. Kirsten says:

    This is my favorite type of day. I love how you captured it with words and pictures. xo.

  2. Momma Di says:

    That kind of day here in Kokomo today. I want to go shopping and I just might do that in awhile!! Your description and imagery….well, you just have a way with words. Love, Momma

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