so, I graduated.

graduation graduation2 graduation3 graduation4 graduation5 graduation6
Graduate college: Check!

I love goals. I love rewarding myself after completing the tasks I’ve set out. But usually the task is a means to an end, for example: clean the bathroom, and then you won’t be embarrassed when you mom visits. But while cleaning, I never think to myself, gee, I sure love scrubbing the toilet. College was so not like cleaning the bathroom. Few times in my career as a student did I long for this day. I didn’t want it to end, I still kind of don’t. I’ve loved every minute of my time at Maryville, except for maybe the time I spent in web design (ack!). This journey has been the best of my life, and while I’ve only lived a third, or maybe a fourth of my life, and I know great things are to come, I think I’ll look back on these years as fondly as I am now.

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One Response to so, I graduated.

  1. Momma Di says:

    Your journey has only just begun…., but what a great beginning. The memories you’ve made, the friends you’ve added to your life, they will be with you forever…. You’ve done well and I’m so very proud of you and your accomplishments!! Hugs, Momma

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