This summer has been such a blur… well this year really. I feel like it’s almost over and I’m grasping to hold on. Wasn’t it just new years?! I don’t think I’ll ever forget this year, it’s been a pretty big one in my life.

// All my sisters finally live in the same state. And two of them within ten minutes drive of me. It’s taking the I’m-going-to-be-a-bride squealing to a new level.
// Andrew proposed. ❤
// My dearest friend found out she’s expecting her first baby. Pure joy! I cannot contain myself. I swear it feels like I’m having a baby.
// I’m getting a tiny taste of teaching, and I’m pretty sure I want to be a teacher now.
// I graduated college, and now I’m looking into graduate programs.
// I’m starting to feel okay in my skin. Working on self love, which is simply making me love everyone more, and judge them less. win win.
// Renewing friendships, especially loving the time I’m spending with my college roommate and her husband.

Summer, go slowly. I’m soaking you up. Two thousand thirteen, stick around a while longer. Next year I’ll become a wife, I’ll start gradate school. But for now, lets stay here a while, I’m going to hold on to engaged life, throw myself in to wedding planning and be ever so glad for this every moment. I’m not wishing for the next things, what I’ve got is too good.


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2 Responses to Lately

  1. Momma Di says:

    Your Grandpa Shouldis would be so proud of you. When I would say in my younger days, “Oh, I just can’t wait until tomorrow for…….(whatever)”…. Grandpa would tell me to stop wishing my life away. I think he was trying to give me the wisdom of enjoying the moment, glean all I could from what was going on around me at that time, understanding that tomorrow would bring other good things from which to learn and grow. Perhaps I have been a slow learner for I’ve understood the wisdom you have offered today and hope to grow from it’s lesson. Love, Momma

  2. Momma Di says:

    BTW that ice cream cone looks so delicious. I’ve not heard of Fritz’s. Maybe we can go sometime if I’m in the area. I’m always looking for ways to enjoy some ice cream.

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