on being young

If one more person tells me that I’m young, or that I have plenty of time, or some equally stupid placation I might explode. If I could only express the horrible panic rising in me, the fear that I’ll waste a moment or miss out on life. If you knew the terror you’d stop patting my head with a knowing smile. It claws at my eyes when I sleep in, how dare I waste such precious hours of daylight. It sucks at my breathe as I contemplate my day, chastising me for any lack in time management.

I am young, I realize that, and I do have years a head of me. But they are not limitless, and now is the time. There are SO MANY THINGS to accomplish in this life. My heart fairly stops with the weight of it. I literally blinked and suddenly I’m twenty four. If the past years have been any indication, time only goes faster so who even knows how it’ll feel in ten or twenty years when I look back.

So please. Stop telling me I’m too young. I’m getting older every day, and my soul feels ancient already.

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One Response to on being young

  1. Momma Di says:

    Always making the next best right choice….remembering from whence you’ve come….looking forward to the great calling that is before you…honoring the One who made you, gave you life and know that God desires the very best for your life as you walk forward in His plan. Then you’ll be satisfied, fulfilled and know joy. You are right…we are never too young to begin doing what is right, good and worthy of our time and efforts. Today is the day!! Love you Sweetheart….Momma

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