I wear clothes // 01

black dress black dressblack dressLately I’ve been trying figure out what I want to be in the blogging world. I’ve been looking through my favorite blogs, jotting down what I like and don’t like, and I discovered some of my favorite blog posts are style photoshoots. Not mad high fashion, skin and bones glaring at the camera a.k.a that-tank-top-cost-more-than-my-rent (although I do enjoy those on occasion), but casual everyday style shots. I thought, hey I wear clothes so why not? So this might become a thing. Photos, of me… wearing clothes.

My experience with girls being into clothes has been pretty negative in the past, it is usually directly connected to conversations about losing weight… diets/not eating… staying a certain weight to please the guy in your life… and my favorite, about being modest to protect men (and more importantly our selves, because lord knows wearing skinny jeans will get you raped, and well thats your own darn fault!) on and on it goes. I like to steer clear of conversations that making me feel guilty for eating my dinner, and place arbitrary rules on how I should look. So naturally I shy away from talking about clothes.

But why should I cut something out of my life, that I’m actually into because some people make it negative? It doesn’t need to be that way. I don’t need to be a size zero to rock my favorite dress, and my skin doesn’t need to be perfectly tan, and I don’t need to dress to please anyone but myself. So here goes nothing.




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One Response to I wear clothes // 01

  1. Micheng says:

    You are pretty. Sexy doesnt mean skinny. Its the confidence inside you.. and thats what exactly what you are trying to show. GO GO GO! Enjoy blogging..

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