Robyn // feminism 01


What does being a woman mean to you?
Being a woman means to me the same as being a person means to me. I don’t really identify as a woman, just because I don’t feel like that is my defining feature, except for when I’m all, “ARGH FEMINISM!” and then I feel like a woman. I do enjoy feminine things, but I still don’t feel that that is all that I am. Unfortunately, I most think about the fact that I am a woman when I am involved in feminist things or reading feminist books and I think it’s really sad that I most think about my gender when I am forced to think about the ways in which my gender is limited. On a day to day basis however, I don’t think “Oh lands, I’m a woman!” when I’m putting on makeup or going bra shopping or making dinner because men can do those things too if they want to.

What’s your favorite part of being a woman?
I have a few favorites. One is my sexuality. And not in a slutty way, just in a “My husband likes it, hubba, hubba” kind of way. Sisterhood is also important to me and even though women can be incredibly catty, I love the bond that can turn friends into sisters.

 Do you ever hide or try and change apart of yourself to please others/society?
A few months ago I would have adamantly shouted, “No!” Now I unfortunately have to say that I do. I didn’t realize it until I cut my hair. Society has no idea what to make of my hair, and that is really sad. Grown ups either assume I have cancer or am a lesbian, and children are just baffled by it. I find it really incredibly sad that children have been conditioned to respond the way that they do to a woman with short hair. It’s a really poor reflection of our society and what we are teaching our future to be like. I know that if I limit my trips to the grocery store based on my haircut, I have also hidden parts of myself in other ways as well. Since this has come to light, I’ve been working on it and trying to be my full self, because I have a lot to offer.

What comes to mind when you hear the word feminism?
FUCK YES! GIRLS FOR THE WIN! I LOVE MY LADIES! and other such statements but in all seriousness, this issue is near and dear to my heart. The fact that so many people in my life still think that feminism is a dirty word is incredibly sad to me and the fact that women still have to struggle so hard to be on an equal platform as men just breaks my heart. In no way do I want men to be brought down a few levels, I just want my lovely lady friends to be bumped up a few so we are all on an equal playing field. All humans deserve all chances to be awesome and do awesome things.

Would you call yourself a feminist?
Yes, see above statement

Why does feminism matter?
Feminism matters because people are still unequal. Not just women, but all people. Feminism allows women to do “ballsy” or “masculine” things and also allows men to do “feminine” things. Feminism not only allows me to be the breadwinner for our household, but also allows my husband to be a stay at home dad if he so chooses. The goal is to equal the playing field for everyone.

Robyn and I go back to freshman year of college, 2008. She is the kindest human I know, full of compassion and love. She is married to her highschool sweetheart, they are parents to two fur balls, Cleo(dog) and Cambria(cat). Robyn is a nurse in the NICU, and halfway through her masters degree, well on her way to becoming a nurse practitioner.  

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