Jasmine // Feminism 02

jasmine jasmine jasmine jasmineWhat does being a woman mean to you?
To me, womanhood cannot be generalized between even two people. Womanhood is as unique as character. The individual person gives meaning to her womanhood. So to me, womanhood is who I am. It is me, and I am she.

What’s your favorite part of being a woman?
My favorite part of being a woman is getting to surprise others. I particularly love to challenge old ideas and stereotypes about gender roles. Many people, both men and women have preconceived notions, socialized into them about how one should act in regard to their sex. I love tearing these preconceived notions apart.

Do you ever hide or try and change apart of yourself to please others/society?
No, I never have and never plan to! When a person tries to adapt their behavior to how he/she believes society will accept him/her, there is a terrible loss of individuality. In turn, this leads to a lack of fulfillment.

What comes to mind when you hear the word feminism?
When I hear the word feminism, I think of riots and angry mobs of female voices. I wish this was not what came to mind when I hear the word feminism, because I do not believe this promotes any form of progression toward destroying old stereotypes.

Would you call yourself a feminist?
I would absolutely call myself a feminist. I do not call myself a feminist because I think women are greater than men. Rather, I am a feminist because I have come to realize that women and men are amazingly indistinct. Society should not have a predetermined place for a human being. A person’s sex should not file them into one category of behavior over another. Many times in my life, I have been told that because I am female, I should behave this way or that way. I will go to my grave saying that character and sex are unrelated entities. I am a feminist because I believe in being yourself. That is typically not what society has room for (or expects to see).

Why does feminism matter?
Feminism is crucial to the function of society. Men and women have received a passion which relentlessly burns within their soul. This passion drives a person to push their abilities, to reach for the full expanse of their creativity, and to satiate a restlessness which is uniquely human. When women do not pursue their passion due to feeling enclosed by social roles, society suffers en masse. We, society, become like a starving dog; who when given a full serving of food, foolishly eats only half the dish.

Fun fact:
My boyfriend, Luke (who is the very essence of manliness itself) calls himself a feminist. Oh, and also he is awesome.

I met Jasmine at Maryville, while she was studying criminal justice. I’d see her bounding across campus in a wild gallop with a smile on her face, even on the gloomiest days. She is joy and passion like I’ve never seen before. I know the world is a better place with her following her passion to protect. 

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4 Responses to Jasmine // Feminism 02

  1. Daniel Drake says:

    This is beautifully worded. Steenz shared your photography recently and I am really happy I’m following you now. Thanks for brightening my day. These truths go much deeper than simply defining womanhood.

    > >

  2. Jasmine says:

    Yayyyyyou have mad photo skillage! This series is really fun to follow. So stoked for each new entry! What you wrote at the end motivated me to battle 😀

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