I like to breathe

DSC_0404Such a crazy wonderful day, I got squished and pulled and tugged into so many dresses today. I’m really glad I wasn’t born in the day of corsets and big dresses, it’s hard to breathe with all that fabric wrapped so tightly around your chest! It was a good first shopping trip tho, impaired breathing and all. I’m slowing figuring out what I like and what I don’t. This one is not in the runnings, but it is oh so pretty, so I thought I’d share. xo!

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2 Responses to I like to breathe

  1. caitlin that dress look gorgeous on you!! ^^

    • Caitlin says:

      Thanks! I absolutely loved it, but it cost a billion dollars and doesn’t fit the aesthetic of our wedding. In another life, this will be my wedding dress!!

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