Leah // Feminism 06

Leah Leah Leah Leah Leah Leah

What does being a woman mean to you? On one hand, it’s just a gender to me. Since men and women are equal, sometimes, being a woman is nothing more than being one of the two genders in the world. On the other hand, there are differences between the genders that I think are special and unique to each of them. Men are to be chivalrous. I think that’s a quality that belongs especially to men. For woman, this might sound cliché, but I think being ladylike is a huge part of it. I’m not talking about the wifey, make a beautiful home, being freaking June Cleaver while happy to bring your husband’s slippers to him after work and then sit with your ankles crossed as you drink your tea (no vodka shots!), though all those things can be apart of it. I think being a lady is in the character of a woman. She can be loud or quiet, soft or rough, love to paint her nails and do “girly” things or be into the more “less feminine” side of things. What she likes or does isn’t what makes her a woman, it’s who she is as a person.

What’s your favorite part of being a woman? I love everything about being a woman! Except periods. Those suck. But, they give the promise of future babies and families so that part makes them more bearable. I love the female body, I love the feelings I have, I even can handle the mood swings and embrace them (sometimes! ). This isn’t to say men can never have these feelings or like them, but it’s been my experience that most females and myself feel and think things in a very vibrant matter. I like that because I am a woman, I am allowed to be as vibrant and ridiculous as I please. I enjoy being feminine and dying my hair, painting my nails, wearing soft fabrics with sometimes delicate and sometimes bold designs. I hate spending time on makeup and hair, but It makes me feel like a girl and I love that part. I love that a part of me can’t handle bringing plain Jell-O shots to a party, I have to get on Pinterest and make the cutesy ones that are pink lemonade in an actual lemon rind. I love that I hate it.  Plus, being a woman,  I have the potential to grow a FREAKING HUMAN BEING inside of me. That’s something, if I was a man, I couldn’t do. And that utterly amazes me.

Do you ever try and hide or change yourself to please others/society? I have gone through periods of this, and they were very dark times for me. Both times, I felt like I didn’t fit. The second time, I was diagnosed with major clinical depression. The times when I don’t care the most about the opinions of others, I’m the happiest, and the sad, lonely, unmotivated sides seem the farthest away. I’m extremely insecure about my looks and about myself as a person.  I absolutely HATE that the world thinks that if you are thin enough, you no longer need self-image help. You are thin, so you can be used as a mocking point and your feelings won’t be hurt because you aren’t fat. But those same remarks can’t be directed towards someone who weighs more than you! That’s insensitive and not allowable because it’s rude. That’s one of the things that pisses me off the most in this lame society we live in. Why can’t people just be beautiful if they are themselves? We have to criticize others, women in particular, for being too big, too thin, not enough curves, too many curves, too tall, too short, “For God’s sake, can’t they all be average?!”   Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with an extraordinarily supportive family and boyfriend who do nothing but build up the parts of me I tear down.   They tell me I’m beautiful on days when I don’t feel like it, and remind me that being beautiful isn’t the “hot” tan, 12/10, perfect hair, big boobed and curvy derriere that’s slightly covered in extremely sleazy clothes. I’m faaaaaaar from this image, and I need reminded A LOT that I’m okay. They do a good job of helping me learn to love myself. I’m still not always that way, but the spells of being as peace with myself comes more and more often.

What comes to mind when you hear to word feminism? Two things: one, the feminism movement which is what I think a lot of people go to when they hear that word. It rather has a negative connotation with it, even though it literally just means political, economical, and social equality for the two sexes. Two, I think of feminism as kind of the art of being a woman.

Do you call yourself a feminist? On both accounts, yes. I believe that both genders are equal. I believe that they have different roles in life, but I don’t believe that those make them any less equal. And I think there are ways to be feminine and a woman, without being a girly girl, and I think women can be that feminine, without having to change who they are or being more or less girly than they want to be.

Why does feminism matter? Feminism matters because as human beings, on all levels of life, people deserve to be equal. No one is better than anyone else no matter what. And as far as the art of being a woman, if genders lose their distinctive qualities, there isn’t a reason to have males and females.

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  1. Momma Di says:

    Enjoying reading the different perspectives. Gives thoughts….

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