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money and time and a lot of other words

I’ve been having an enormous pity party over these two things; time and money. Rolling around in the injustice of my limited resources of both. As for money, it is distributed unevenly between people, but I am in some control … Continue reading

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I used to be better at being a grownup

The past few days have been rough. Today was especially terrible, like have no car, walk to the bank, get bad news and blubber while trudging back home with the wind slapping my face. The kind of day when I … Continue reading

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when saftey becomes your cage

When you are asserting your independence to create a better life for yourself, when trying new things is the only way to move up, and out of bad situations, when there is nothing left todo but to survive and become … Continue reading

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you choose your happiness

I’ve been realizing lately just how much I choose my own happiness. The last few weeks have been so good. Some of the best of my life. They have also been full of bad news, frustration and fear. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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on being a feminist

I avoid conflict. I run from arguments. In the choice of fight or flight, I’m already gone. It’s why I stay out of politics. Why I haven’t been to the dentist in so long. The reason I don’t think about … Continue reading

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make it last forever

Dear Future, hold on a little longer, I’m busy right now.

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hurts like heaven

You know those delightfully dreary days, the ones that wrap you in a melancholy hug, hold you tight, let you know it’s okay to feel a little blue? The rainy clouds filtering the sun to a quiet glow. The grass … Continue reading

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