twenty five

twenty fiveDSC_0140DSC_0138Okay, time to be a grownup now.

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cherokee street

DSC_0110fall streetCherokee street is so beautiful. Fall is her best look, I think.

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25th birthday // wish list 01

birthday wishlist
poster // book // camera // socks // pillow mist // oil
Starting this Monday off with some birthday dreaming. I still haven’t decided how to celebrate my twenty fifth birthday, but I’m sure I’ll think of something epic. I hoping for cozy things, time to sleep, inspiring books, pretty posters and memories worth capturing on instant film.


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it’s in the details // aunt life 04

DSC_0021 DSC_0093 DSC_0025Just a few shot from the weekend with the munchkins. I love these little grubby hands, the fingers stained from hours of coloring, nails caked with dirt form building fake fires to roast marshmallows. I love the adventures their imaginations took us on, like packing up oranges pumpkins to take on our long trek to the back yard swing set. ❤


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happy november

And so begins the holidays! November first always seems like the beginning of the holidays to me. My birthday is in thirteen days, Thanksgiving is in twenty eight, Christmas is in fifty five and New years is in sixty two days! Sixty two days left in 2013. And then I start graduate school! Everything is happening so fast, so I’ve made a few goals to keep me focused on the present season, and a few goals to just get stuff done.

// find and book reception venue for our wedding
// design 2014 calendar for myself
// throw a christmas party
// take holiday photos with Andrew
// play piano
// get all/majority of handmade gifts completed by December 1st
// send out christmas cards
// get together with all my sisters
// bake a pie from scratch
// read at least two books
// start a new project


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the world is still

DSC_0402 DSC_0398 DSC_0391I’ll never be able to explain the beautiful sadness I feel on days like this. My heart aches with the pleasure of being alive. The world is still and so am I.

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art museum

Untitled-1grid andrewNothing is more calming than wandering around the art museum on a Sunday afternoon. I finally got to see the new wing, and it was incredible! Afterwards we had a picnic on art hill. Something about the tall ceilings, the large paintings, the big hill and the clear sky made it very easy to breathe. I found myself feeling very still and aware of how incredibly small I am, and how beautiful the world is. It’s way too easy to get overwhelmed with frustrations and bad days, but this really is a good life we have. It’s good to step back, and put things into perspective.

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